Otago Polytechnic University trains high quality, focuses on careers vocation. Graduates are preferred for high capacity, availability & always future willing.

3 campuses throughout New Zealand is Dunedin, Otago & Auckland Central.

The school is a polytechnic school and leading technology, and a place of the highest quality in New Zealand.

Otago Polytechnic University has a long tradition of training sharp, creative, rich in ideas and dedicated to their chosen field graduates. Alumni of the school has always been well prepared for success and prosperity in the international community.

With its direct educational methods, focusing vocational , students will learn all the necessary skills to have a successful future through both theoretical learning and real-world experience.

The school’s diplomas are internationally recognized and the school has reached the highest quality ratings of the New Zealand Qualifications Department of education – so students can fully confident about the quality of their learning .

Many this school lecturers are experts in the industry and students learn the most updated knowledge of them as well as take advantage of their relationship with the industry. Small class size lets teachers know each student and student academic freedom, learn , explore and learn from teachers in a favorable environment.

Diverse services support international students and ensure that students have everything they need to do well and enjoy time at the school. With so many social activities and entertainment are held at all 3 campuses, students have the opportunity to make friends in New Zealand and experience the New Zealand lifestyle.

Schools are ranked in the highest levels of student satisfaction in Asia-Australia region . Experience studying at Otago Polytechnic of international student deserves an investment bringing many benefits, preparing for a successful career!

The cost of the average expenditure (reference) and tuition in Otago Polytechnic University 2018:

UNIVERSITY: NZ $21,410 / Year

MASTER: NZ $25,710 / Year

Cost of living: NZ $12,012 / Year

Cost of dormitory: NZ $5,720 / Year

The scholarships program of the Otago Polytechnic University 2018:

Foundation Studies Scholarships

Scholarship value: This Scholarship entitles the recipient to a NZ $1500 per year reduction in course fees for a full-time, full year programme, or NZ $750 for a full-time, one-semester programme.

Scholarship requirements:

Available to all students who staircase from a Certificate in Foundation Studies programme (Level 2, 3,4) to a vocational programme at Level 4 or above.



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